Adding a gazebo to your patio or backyard is one great way to add style and creativity that will define and enhance your alfresco area. Whether your gazebo is used for your pool’s cabana, your garden’s focal point, or an open-air den for lounging, picnics, and backyard barbecues, a gazebo is a practical solution to easily beautifying your outdoor expanse.

However, choosing the right gazebo that meshes with your budget and your requirements can be quite overwhelming – especially with the buffet of options available to you. So how exactly do you pick the best gazebo that will cozily fit perfectly in your backyard? 

1. Think of a Design

Before anything else, it is imperative that you ponder on your style preferences for reinventing or designing your outdoor space. Assess the amount of space that you have and determine what design matches it. Would you like your garden to be covered in lush foliage? Do you prefer your plants and flowers planted in immaculate and ship-shape rows? Would you like to have a walkway? Is it going to be rustic-themed, country-style, or modernly sophisticated? The theme and the design that you imagine will help pave the way to choosing the type of gazebo.

for you. For example, our 8’ x 8’ Soft-Top Marcel Gazebo fits perfectly into a light and airy setting such as on your beach house’s backyard overlooking the beach, or perhaps, a midnight spacious sanctuary outdoors? 

2. Find a Purpose

After contemplating your preferences for your garden’s design, it is the time for you to figure out how you will use your gazebo. Many people opt to place gazebos outdoors in the hope of instilling a place of solitude close to nature. Other people make use of their backyards and patios for barbecues, social gatherings, and entertainments, whilst others simply want their garden to look beautiful. This 7.6’ x 5’ Denver Grill Gazebo, for instance, makes sure you’re well protected from the sun while your grilling those steaks to perfection. 

3. Choose an Ideal Material

Gazebo types and designs can vary according to its use, you can always opt for marquees crafted from high-quality wood, pergolas and fabric-topped summerhouses made of polyester, or hard-top gazebo frames. The class of material you pick depends on how you plan to use your shack. If you’re looking for shade with a classic vibe to it, a wood-and-cement marquee might fit your palate, a pop-up, soft-top gazebo can be more fitting if you’re looking for a modish and more convenient type of shade that will spruce up your space within minutes without the hassle of being high-maintenance. Hard-top gazebos might cost a little bit more than soft-top ones, but they’re guaranteed to withstand heavier debris that might fall upon your kiosk. Again, the material of your gazebo will depend on its function and the design that you have in mind. For instance, if your aiming for a light and airy ambiance this Landale Pergola might just do the trick. With its wooden slats and 100% polyester canopy, the Landale Pergola exudes a Grecian vibe to your outdoor space while providing adequate shade and beauty to your lawn – the perfect accessory for garden tête-à-têtes, morning reflections with your cuppa, yoga sessions, or even date nights and star-gazing. 

4. Pick a Size

Generally, the design of your pergola will also depend on the size you want, and the size you decide on will ultimately depend on the size of your area. Large spaces will allow you to go for bigger gazebo sizes, while small spaces will limit you to a more minutely-sized one. Regardless of the amount of land area you have, be sure to choose a size and design that goes well with your yard or garden. Each structure should be delicately plotted to match the scale of other elements found in your patio, backyard, or garden to make the overall look more balanced and unified in structure. This 11.4’ x 13.2’ Hexed-Shaped Madison Gazebo, for instance, brings a perfect overall effect onto this cozy wooded patio niche. 


Choosing the right gazebo that carries the right price and features allows you to fully transform your yard, deck, garden, or patio into a space that you will love and appreciate for many years to come. Although many factors come into play when you’re shopping for your summerhouse, considering the above qualities such as the design, the style, the function, and the material convenient for you will help you narrow down your options. Visit our website to view different gazebo options and models available to you. Good luck and happy Gazebo-Shopping! 

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