5 Garden Trends to Look Out For in Spring of 2018


 Looking for inspiration on how you can bring the top garden trends to your own abode this spring? As outdoor season commences, here are some of the outdoor styles curated by designers and gardening experts on how you can revamp your outdoor space and turn your backyard into a staycation paradise.

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Small Gardens

With the rise of the number of people living in rented spaces with minimal outdoor area, embracing the small garden is a must. Maximize your compact space by giving it a multipurpose feature. According to Seattle-based designer Scot Eckley, adding a concrete fire feature ‘creates a bold element that runs through the space. It’s also a curb edge for the deck. It’s a planter. It collects water from downspouts on the house. It’s a seat wall. And, of course, at the end of the day it turns into a fire feature.’

Another way of making the most of your minimal space is by placing your plants in a container or by exploring vertical structures to grow your plants. Improvising a small area gives you the opportunity to work on your creative juices and express your style. 

Outdoor Living

This year’s design trend isn’t just about installing your pergolas and gazebos and creating a temporary outdoor set-up. With outdoor structures forecasted to be massive this 2018, award-winning garden designer John Wyer FSGD enumerates integrated drainage, lighting, and heating as the must-have garden feature.

Alfresco Dining

Following the trend of outdoor living, it’s time to get busy outdoors as dining and entertaining beyond the enclosed areas of the house is also one of this year’s key trends. Alfresco dining is perfect for those who have limited kitchen and dining space to entertain guests. Create an inviting area for guests by setting up a gazebo and pergola with comfortable furniture where guests can relax, complete with a fire pit and lighting to set up the mood. Installing an outdoor kitchen for cooking and dining purposes is also set to become a popular addition to the whole alfresco dining and outdoor living trend. 

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Japanese-Inspired Themes

Japanese culture making its way to the west isn’t a new thing, but gardening trends has a newfound appreciation for practices such as Shinrin-yoku or forest bathing, a therapeutic way of immersing yourself in the healing and rejuvenating properties of being surrounded by a forest, and wabi-sabi, an acceptance of the natural cycle of growth, decay, and death. The key to this whole approach is engaging yourself in nature and reflecting on the natural imperfections of your garden. Adding overgrown perrenials, weathered pots, moss-covered stones, and rusty iron gates creates a wabi-sabi theme to your garden.

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Grow Your Own

With more people opting for an eco-friendly, organic and healthy lifestyle, growing your own crops is starting to gain ground as a popular means of food production. From legumes, squashes, herbs, and even quinoa, various plants and vegetables can be easily grown no matter how big your garden is. If you plan to take those green thumbs seriously, having a greenhouse can help you grow crops all year round. Not only are you assured of fresh and chemical-free produce, it helps you save money too.


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