5 Tips to Make Your Porch Look Festive For Spring

The onset of spring is something everyone looks forward to after the monotonous and dreary spell of winter. Everyone makes their way outdoors for more escapades and spends less time being cooped up in the four walls of their house. Your living quarters isn’t just exclusively inside your house anymore. Transform your outdoor area into a feast for the senses with these quick and creative styling tips for your front porch this spring.

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 Surround your porch with flowers

This season, it’s all about the flowers. Showcase spring’s finest blooms in your front porch to add a colorful and welcome vibe to your home. It’s an instant pick-me-up to any outdoor space that will uplift your mood with its splash of colors. A monogram letter planter is an unexpected way to add flowers that your guests will surely be in awe with.

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 Accessorize with a pop of bright colors

There’s no quicker way to step out of the dullness of the icy months than by adding more colors into your abode. Putting a bright colored rug on your porch does not only turn it into a cozy extension of your living room, it also steps up your creative game without the extra effort. You can also kiss your neutral pillowcases goodbye and make way for spring’s bright prints. Depending on your theme, if you’re opting for a tropical-inspired design, choose different shades of blue and green for a relaxing staycation paradise.

 Use a bar cart

Serve your guests in style by using a bar cart to place your food and drinks. It’s multipurpose feature allows you to use it as decor or a place to put your books or any accessories in.

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 Display potted plants in creative ways

Placing your potted plant doesn’t have to be limited on the ground. Experiment with unique ways on how you can present these potted plants. Stacking them is an easy way to create a different look. Attaching a wood pallet in the wall of your porch also allows you to hang pots in and create a vertical garden.

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 Add a welcome sign

Whether DIY or brought from a store, adding a welcome sign to your porch lends a rustic appeal to your outdoor space while creating a cozy area where guests can come in and feel at home while basking in the comfort of your porch.

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