5 Ways to Winterize Your Outdoor Space

The cold and chilly winter is not an excuse for you to hibernate indoors and to abandon the warmth and comfort once provided to you by your outdoor patio or deck over the summer. In today's modern world, winter gives you a wide array of options to enjoy backyard living, all you have to do is to prep yourself for the glacial temp and the inconveniences brought about by precipitation. 

There is always a flexible option for you to transform your terrace, patio, or courtyard into a cozy outdoor living area no matter what season of the year for as long as you have the right equipment. Sunjoy offers you a buffet of outdoor furniture options to choose from to help you do just this. Here are 3 ways to set the right mood for you, your family, and your friends for the coming wintry days. 

Have a Patio Heater on Standby

Keeping yourselves snug and warm is one of the things to consider if you want to continue using your outdoor area during a chilly spell. To make your space a comfortable zone for hanging out, you will need to invest in quality heating equipment such as the Sunjoy Lawrence Floor-Standing Patio Heater with an ultra-efficient heat output of up to 47000 BTS covering a diameter of up to 9.5 meters. Its wheeled base makes it easy for you to transport it indoors or outdoors while its sleek bronze hammered finish blends in smoothly with your decor. 

 Accessorize With Fire Pits

Fire pits are the most popular outdoor ornament to date, having one allows you to instantly embolden the look of your space without trying too hard -- the only dilemma would be to pick the right design that would seamlessly fit into your backyard. Not only does having a fire pit serve as an aesthetic piece to your home, but it also serves its main purpose which is to keep you, and everyone else, toasty and snug as you enjoy drinks and conversations outdoors.

Fire pits come in varied shapes, sizes, and materials, you can choose from a wide array of options ranging from stainless steel pits to wood-burning ones, and gas fire pits. The Sunjoy Nexcom Fire Pit offers the best of both worlds, with a 35-inch circumference, this stainless metal pit is powder-coated to withstand harsh weather conditions while being able to burn wood to keep everyone warm and comfortable on nippy days. The whole set includes a mesh guard for safety, a log rack, and a fire poker. This minimalistic design easily fits into your space like a dream. 


Warm Up With a Chimenea

If you're no fan of wide and open flames, the chimenea could be your next option for adding spice to your courtyard and balancing the temperature out. These Mexican-inspired heaters were originally used for indoor cooking and providing a cozy fire inside homes. However, its chic and rustic vibe has inspired many outdoor furniture makers to develop chimeneas that are suitable for outdoor use. Sunjoy's Clementine Steel Wood Burning Chimenea is designed for wood and paper burning outdoors while providing a low cackling fire for you. 


Designing your courtyard or patio for the winter can be quite a challenge, the important thing is to store any furniture that is not built for winter indoors and to make sure that any item used outdoors is built to withstand moist, water, and snow. Anti-rust and powder-coated materials are qualities that you should look for when purchasing outdoor items for the winter. Browse through more of our Sunjoy products that are winter-ready here

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