Creating a Rustic-Inspired Party

The rustic theme is a highly popular, go-to theme for parties due to its timeless, charming style and room for do-it-yourself design. Whether you’re planning to throw a party to celebrate your recent engagement, wedding (they didn’t call it the ‘June bride’ for nothing), or simply just want to throw a fancy get-together, here’s how to throw the perfect countryside-meets-vintage chic for you and your guests.



Simplicity is key

For a rustic-themed table setting, keeping things simple and casual is the way to go. Use plain, white plates topped with a wool or linen dishtowel to function as a napkin. Tie heirloom silverware and a twig of rosemary together with twine along with the place card to seat your guests accordingly. Mason jars are a favorite staple among rustic parties, so feel free to use it as a vase for your centerpiece or a drinkware. Surround your table setting with unscented candles for that romantic feel and switch up a plain table setting by using decorative paper as a placemat. There’s always room to mix and match your table accessories, but make sure to stick to the theme and don’t overdo it.



 Flowers in delicate whites

Regale your setting with an elegant color palette of white, cream, sage, olive, and burlap. Stick to white and cream-colored florals while adding green foliage for that organic vibe. Fill glass vases or mason jars with white blooms for that perfect table centerpiece. If you think white is too simple and bland for you, you can add a touch of carnation pink for that vintage charm.



 Add wooden accents

While a barnyard venue is ideal for that complete rustic feel, you can create that setting by making use of wooden crates and pallets and using them as accents to your whole design. Stack wooden crates together along with mementos or standout vintage pieces such as an old typewriter or record player to add flair to your venue. You can also use a tree stump as a placemat. You can also use a vintage wooden furniture and turn it into a dessert buffet.



 Romantic lighting

Recreate the dreamy, enchanting atmosphere the rustic theme is known for by stringing fairy lights or individual light bulbs around wooden beams, flowerbeds, or all over walls. The lights compliment the beautiful outdoors and add a cozy, intimate ambiance to your party.







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