Decorating Your Gazebo This Yuletide Season Like a Pro

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‘Tis the season once again to be merry and jolly and spend lots of happy and fun times with friends and families, giving gifts, exchanging cards, drinking eggnog, and tons and tons of parties. Having said that, it’s also that time of year where lots of amusement and entertaining will be done! As delightful as that may seem, it could also mean having to revamp your area for entertaining to make it more palatable to the eyes. Unconventional as it may seem, there is no better way to spend Christmas morning or holiday gatherings than within the comforts of your outdoor space. Why? Because, aside from the obvious fact that it has a more generous space, it also gives everyone a breath of fresh air – literally and figuratively!

To help ease the worry that you may now have on your head – because we know you’re already rummaging for Christmas decorating ideas through it right now, we’ve whipped up some tips and tricks up our sleeve to help you redecorate your pergola, gazebo, marquee, or summerhouse to make it Yuletide-ready!

Light up the Night

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When it comes to gazebos and marquees, lighting is always everything. This is because, you fail to appreciate a beautiful gazebo at night regardless of how splendidly decorated it is without illuminations to highlight it. When it comes to lighting up your outdoor space, there’s always a lot of room for your creative imagination, and we say, go where your limitless creativity leads you! Fairy lights are the most common piece of lighting options that are rounded onto a gazebo’s ceiling or valance. Hanging Japanese lanterns, illuminated jars, or LED candles can be a wonderful option, too. Or, if you’re opting for something more regal and majestic, wireless LED chandeliers are also great ways to illuminate your outdoor space. White or gold lights are the perfect shades to create a frosty and magical effect to your bivouac!

Hang Wreaths

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Wreaths are perfect accessories to transform your home into a festive area. While wreaths are commonly wrapped on the sides of your main door, they’re also a great way to add color and merriment to your gazebo! Touch it up a notch by adding red and green ribbons, ball ornaments, and fairy lights.

Add a Tree

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Christmas trees are the most iconic Christmas symbols of all time, so why not add them right smack in the middle of your gazebo or beside it. You can use a traditional pine tree or a dried up branch glammed up with gold lights for a little sparkle and pizzaz.

Big Red Balls

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Nothing says Christmas than the color red. If your gazebo is under the shade of a tree, you can hang humongous christmas balls onto it to add style and décor to your lawn or yard as a whole. If it’s not an option, you can also use humongouse red bows instead.








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