DIY Tips for the Perfect Winter Outdoor Decor


Dried up trees and frozen lawns, say hello to winter. Winter can be a tough season to love especially since your outdoor excursions are limited – what with all that fluffy snow covering up your whole front lawn, your wardrobe restricted to thick coats and boots that mostly vary only in brand and in color, and your home literally turning into a icicle cave.


Fortunately, you can make the most out of the wintry season by reinventing the dullest days of the year into an Instagram-worthy space, and what better way to start than with your outdoor space where all the chilly frost are clumped altogether! Here are the finest ways to reinvent your porch from drab to fab this winter.  


Complement it with Birch Tree Home Decors

Birch Tree branches are like staple decorative features during the cold winter frost especially since they make such a great focal point and mimic the exact description of how trees are supposed to look like over the chilling winter. You can lean in birch trees onto your porch’s wall to serve as a backdrop for your bistro set, this will also make your lounging area more artsy and fascinating versus a blank, drab wall. 

Throw in Faux Fur and Blankets


The cold winter season always calls for warm thick blankets and hot cocoa. Now is the perfect time to take out the faux fur and thick quilts that have been locked up in your cupboard for so long and stylishly drape them over your outdoor wooden benches or patio seating sets. Throw pillows in lovely crisp white or ash gray shade, or, vibrant shades of plum and purple are also great additions to help you stay warm and cozy.

Create Your Own Tropical Haven

Why wait for summer to come when you can bring summer to your own patio or deck even when your yard looks like a fluffy space of winter wonderland! Native accentuating pieces, such as a Tiki Torches, small Bonsai plants, wooden candles, and bamboo walls can instantly reinvent your space into a tropical haven! So, if you’re not a fan of the taciturn and glum chilly theme, a summer haven at your own back or front yard could just be the therapy that you need!



Use Fire Pit Wood Led Lighting


Fire pits and chimeneas are a winter essential for all, if not most households. Coming home to a cozy, crackling fire in your backyard elicits a sense of warmth and comfort that brings you closer to home.  Your fire pit can also serve as a modish ornamental piece outside of your home, if you’re not one to use your fire pit as often, you can opt to display firewood on top of it specked with golden LED lights. This creates an instant magical effect to your space that spells out winterin so many ways! 

Create a DIY Snow Globe

Snow Globes are charming and whimsical décor pieces that instantly bring magic and quirk to your outdoor lounging area or what-not. Simple Craves & Olive Oil has created this detailed blog to help you create your very own snow globe, you can check it out here:, or, rummage through the internet for more fun and dainty Snow Globe ideas! 

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