Easter Egg Hunting Ideas That are Beyond the Box

No other event is closely associated with spring more than Easter. Bunnies, egg hunts, candies, and explosion of bright, pastel colors herald one of the most-awaited activities of the season. While egg-hunting may be the most popular and widely-practiced tradition of Easter, there are numerous ways to vamp up and add a more exciting and fun twist to the usual routine. No matter your age, here are some egg-citing ideas that will take your egg hunting adventure from blah to whoa!

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Use unpredictable hiding spots

Spicing up your Easter egg hunt is as simple as switching up your secret places. Make sure you don’t use the same spot as the year before, so participants will look forward to the surprising twist that awaits them. To add more challenge to the hunt, you can expand your egg hunt beyond your backyard where guests can use their bike, scooter, or skateboard to go around the designated spots. Check that markers or themed decors are placed in the area so your guests will not lose their way.

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Get creative with your hunting map

An egg hunt is never complete without a map, so make sure to equip your guests with one for them to locate the eggs easily and at the same time ensure that they don’t go beyond the designated area especially if you’re taking the egg hunt to the neighborhood. Break away from the usual set-up by adding themes that put your imagination to work such as dinosaur or space-themed egg hunt, or taken from your favorite movie, or even family fun facts presented in riddles.  

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Exchange the usual eggs for something uniquely different

Tired of hunting for eggs every year? Jazz up the hunt by instead of using eggs, you can hide candies, trinkets, or cartoon figurines inside an egg-shaped container. Make sure to add variety to what you put inside the egg, so successful hunters can get different prizes.

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Bonus tips: for those who want to break away from the overrated Easter egg hunt, some creative ideas to get into the Easter fever is by holding a basket case race, where a basket will be placed on top of the participants’ heads. The goal is to keep the basket in place as they reach the finish line. Once the basket falls, the participant will have to go back to the beginning until he or she makes it with the basket steady in place. Another idea is the popular White House tradition, the egg roll, where participants use a wooden spoon to roll their eggs towards the finish line.

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