Five Fabulous Ways to Fiesta

With the month of May finally settling upon us, you may all think time moves so fast. This is no reason to slow down though as this month, we’re going to start it with a bang! Assemble all your amigos and amigas and bring out the sombreros and maracas with these colorful, Mexican-inspired party ideas to kick off your Cinco de Mayo celebration.  


Let the papel picados fly high

Make your guests feel an authentic Mexican vibe once they step into your party area by attaching colorful cutout paper garlands called papel picado all over the place. Whether you’re going for a single color or opting to create a bold statement by mixing a variety of popping colors, these festive flags will instantly put you in the mood to celebrate.


 Play with colors and prints on your table setting

The best thing about Mexican parties is having no limits to experimenting with colors and prints. Create a table setting that will make your guests go ‘magnifico!’ by placing a simple woven mat or a cutout placemat in the bottom and stack it with vibrant-hued plates with fun prints. Accessorize it with maracas which guests can also use as party favors and bring home to do some serious shaking and dancing until the party ends.   


 Serve drinks in style

No Cinco de Mayo party is complete without signature drinks such as margaritas, sangrias, and agua fresca. Add a unique twist to these classic drinks by serving them in colorful glasses and tumblers with moustache straws for more fun.


 Add a taco bar

Have a party in your tummy by adding gastronomic delights. It can’t get any more Mexican than putting up a self-serve taco bar and chips complete with salsa and dips. Place different toppings, dips, and sauces in wooden and glass bowls. Experiment with recipes such as homemade guacamole to impress your guests with your cooking skills.


 Succulents go a long way

Add cactus plants as a decorative element to your setup by using them as table decors. Whip up some DIY skills by placing colored sand in small transparent cups and top it all off with a cactus plant, or use recycled Mexican food cans, fill it with gravel and plant tiny succulents in it.





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