Garden Party Ideas to Awe Your Guests

Having access to an outdoor area where you can host parties and get-togethers is one of the perks of spring and summer. Nothing sounds more ideal than setting up a garden party where you can entertain guests with chic, floral-inspired details filled with bright, happy colors. Shine the spotlight on your garden party and be the talk of the town with these quick tips on how to make the most out of your outdoor festivities.


Get creative with flowers

It isn’t garden party without an assortment of blooms to serve as the highlight of your soiree. Whether you want to experiment by using a variety of flowers in assorted colors or choose to stick to your theme’s color palette, there’s no limit to what you can do with flowers. If you’re saving some budget, you can pick flowers straight from your own garden and improvise by using DIY vases such as mason jars or old perfume bottles.


Oasis-inspired ambience

If you live in a small area with not enough space for a garden, you can create a mini-oasis and an authentic garden party by making a vertical garden or installing planters and potted plants for a nature-inspired ambience. This is especially helpful if you live in an urban residential area such as a condominium or a flat, where planting a garden can be tricky space-wise.

Invest in patio furniture

Nothing is more crucial in making sure that your guests are having a great time by providing them with a quality and comfortable furniture they can sit and lounge in for hours. Invest in furniture with a classic and sophisticated design that can jazz up your outdoor space while providing a cozy ambiance to your area. Gazebos, pergolas, dining sets, and deep seating sets are worthy investments that will turn your outdoor entertainment area into everyone’s favorite hangout. 


Play up your drinks

Serve your cocktails in style – whether you’re opting for wine, rosé, or punch, creating a mini bar where your guests can mix and match cocktail drinks by adding different options of citrus juice, a variety of herbs like lavender, cilantro, rosemary, and sage, and don’t forget to top it all off with spirits. You can also switch up your ice buckets by dressing them up with flowers and sliced fruits, doubling them as decoration.


 Plan a simple menu

Unless you have an outdoor kitchen installed, it would be advisable to choose a light menu which consist of sandwiches, green salads, bread, cheese and meat platters along with fruit or meat skewers for your party. It’s easy to prepare and saves you the hassle too.



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