Your home's indoor and outdoor look is a reflection of you, your tastes, your lifestyle, and your family. While your indoor decorating skills might be impeccable, you might also want to see how your outdoor space is doing so far. Transform your backyard or garden into the envy of all your neighbors with the addition of this elegant and functional soft-top, double-tiered Sonoma Wicker Gazebo. 

 You don't need to spend much to revamp your yard or patio. Turn your sun-baked garden into a cozy and shaded nook that you, your friends, and family will undoubtedly enjoy. The thick, brown, wicker valance of this stylish structure creates a versatile design that easily meshes with your own decorative theme or motif. 

This wicker gazebo offers plenty of room to comfortably set up full dining or seating beneath, giving you flexibility, style, and function. Built-in shelves offer a great place to set food, drinks, and condiments. You also have the option to display potted plants if you're into greeneries and lush foliages.

A beautiful decorative centerpiece on the gazebo as well as a full-lengthed mosquito netting and privacy curtains to add structure and elegance to your marquee and to protect you from bugs and insects while you the beauty of nature. The light and airy set-up is ideal for al fresco dining or seating and makes for a charming outdoor living room or den. Built-in hooks underneath the center of the canopy is an added feature that allows you to hang plants or outdoor lighting.

Luxury like this has never been more affordable. The Sonoma Wicker Gazebo not only offers easy and convenient aesthetic abilities but versatility, an elegant and timeless design, plenty of shade from varied weather conditions, and a sturdy, safe, durable, and rust-resistant structure that will definitely last you for a long time.

Purchase the Sonoma Wicker Gazebo now and have your new gazebo registered with us to save up on time spent looking for warranty parts. 

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