How to Keep Pesky Bugs at Bay This Season

Nothing can spoil outdoor parties and gatherings faster than the presence of mosquitoes and other bugs. While heading outdoors and basking under the fine sunshine surrounded by bountiful vegetation and lively creatures is something you have been looking forward to for spring, unfortunately bugs also begin to re-emerge during the warmer seasons. Don’t let these pesky bugs spoil your mood with these surefire ways to keep mosquitoes and other bugs at bay.


 Add a fan to your patio or deck

Mosquitoes can land on your skin faster than a blink of an eye, but they’re not one of the strong fliers around. Breeze from the fan will blow mosquitoes and other bugs away from your space while keeping your area cool during elevated temperatures.


Remove stagnant water

Standing water is a well-known breeding ground for mosquitoes. From your pool, birdbath, and even from water accumulated on flowerpots or small cannisters, mosquitoes thrive on these places if water is not properly drained. Make sure to treat your pool with chlorine and check if the filter is working properly, drain stagnant water from your birdbath and change it to a clean one every two to three days, and constantly check for any potential breeding spots.


Grow natural repellants on your garden

Nothing can effectively drive bugs away without harming your health and the environment more than growing your own repellants. Add bug-resistant plants such as citronella, marigold, garlic, and rosemary to your yard, and these bugs will start flying away to the opposite direction.

 Provide a protective tent to your patio

During parties or gatherings, choosing a gazebo with mosquito netting keeps bugs from entering your outdoor setup and protects you and your guests against bites.


 Wear lightweight clothing

With warmer seasons come the best time to wear clothing that can expose the right amount of skin. It’s not only good news for you, it’s also good news for mosquitoes and bugs. Bugs, mosquitoes in particular, are attracted to dark colors so it’s best to choose clothes with bright colors and light material to keep bugs at bay.









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