How to Keep Your Patio Cool for the Summer

The humid months of summer can be pretty intense and can hinder you from enjoying the outdoors. Your outdoor area doesn’t have to feel like the Sahara Desert with these few tricks on how you can keep your patio cooler during these sweltering months of summer.

Add Shade

While it’s obvious that adding shade will greatly reduce sun exposure, being able to choose the right shade for your patio is also important to consider. There are many options to choose from such as umbrella, gazebo, pergola, awning, and screen house to act as refuge against the harmful rays of the sun.

 A practical and inexpensive way of adding shade to your patio is by installing an umbrella to your area, whether attaching it to your table setup or freestanding. If you want to cover the entire area, you can opt for an awning which can extend over your window areas. A pergola and gazebo offer a standalone shaded area where you can lounge in or entertain guests with food or drinks. A standalone tent offers the same shade protection, with an added protective feature against pesky summer bugs.


 Plants as natural shade

Strategically placing potted trees in certain areas or adding climbing vines on trellises above your patio effectively shields you from sun exposure. Make sure that the plants you choose can withstand exposure to extreme sunlight so they won’t wilt quickly.


 Install a ceiling fan or a standard fan

During warmer days, using a fan  outdoors can help circulate air and can help you enjoy the breeze on a humid environment. If you have a covered outdoor area such as a patio or deck, you can install a ceiling fan for that windy effect.


 Use a misting fan

Misting fans work like your typical fan except that it blows a fine mist of water, making it your best friend during the warm days of summer. A misting fan works just like a humidifier and is ideal for outdoor use during dry climate. Some misting fans have built-in water source while some require connection to the water source.


 Paint your patio in a bright color

Painting your patio helps make your space cooler compared with bare concrete. Choose bright colors such as white to reflect light and to add a quick shield against sunlight.


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