How to Turn Your Backyard Into a Staycation Paradise

With summer on its way, it’s just fitting to get into the seasonal vibe by transforming your own backyard space into a tropical paradise that will make you think of the sea breeze in Phuket or the lush tropical rainforest of the Amazon. The best thing about doing it in your own backyard? You don’t need to book a flight or go somewhere far just to experience nature’s finest, and it doesn’t take a total overhaul to achieve your very own mini oasis in your home. Here are a few tips on how to create your own staycation paradise.


Install an assortment of foliage to your garden

Plants of all sizes, from towering palm trees or bamboo arches to medium-sized shrubs such as philodendron, ferns, and Japanese maples, when strategically placed and combined creates a lush, jungle-inspired look. Choosing flowers with bold colors such as birds of paradise, orchids, and coleus are annual favorites that can jazz up your backyard with its vibrant hues and assorted shapes. 


Add natural stone accents to your yard

Natural stones can come in handy for your tropical-themed backyard. It can be used for retaining walls, for your pond, or for your walkway. Use natural stones such as limestone or keystone, which is available in abundance if you’re in Florida. A black river rock is also commonly used for tropical landscapes.


Accentuate with a water feature

Whether you only have a small space to accommodate a stacked potted plant as a fountain or enough to create a pond, a water feature instantly adds a Zen-inspired atmosphere to your outdoor area. Flowing water from the fountain adds a tranquil and serene soundtrack to the area, drowning out noise from the outside.

Choose a tiki bar for outdoor entertaining

A tiki bar is perfect for that tropical-themed aesthetic and is perfect for entertaining guests. Add beach-inspired decorations such as a string of shells or signs for that added tropical vibe. Use a thatched roof for an authentic beachside feel.


Create your own tropical retreat

Your outdoor oasis won’t be complete without topping it all off with a cozy and relaxing shaded nook where you can unwind while surrounded by lush foliage and florals. Under the shade of a pergola or gazebo, add an outdoor deep-seating set or a patio chair and this will be your new favorite hangout place.






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