How to Turn Your Backyard Into an Outdoor Movie Theater

Already bummed with all the barbecue and pool parties this summer, or are you at a loss with finding new, out-of-the-box ways of hosting a fun summer shindig? Why not turn your backyard into your very own cinema complete with food and drinks? Not only is it a unique and creative way of gathering family and friends, it’s also easy and inexpensive. We’ll show you how you can transform your outdoor area into the newest hangout place for movie enthusiasts in the neighborhood. 


Choose a strategic location

Make sure to find an area with dry grounds and is not directly exposed to wind. Another important thing to consider is the location’s accessibility to power outlets. Avoid setting up on areas where streetlights or any lights around the house might reflect against your movie screen.  Decorate your area with fairy lights for that added effect, but don’t forget to turn them off before the movie starts.


 Create a cinema screen

If you’re not keen on buying a retractable projector screen, you can use a crisp, white sheet or a plain white wall as a makeshift screen. Sew together dark fabric at the back of the white sheet for a clearer image. To secure the fabric against wind, you can tack thin pieces of timber and use it as a frame.


 Set up a projector

Borrowing a projector for your outdoor cinema sounds like the most convenient thing to do especially if you’re planning to host a screening only once, but if you want to invest in your own projector for more movie screenings to come, the good news is that newer models are less expensive than before. They are also compact without the noise and bright enough to use even with the lights on, so you’re assured of a seamless movie experience in the comfort of your backyard. Choose a projector with a higher lumen measurement to see images easier in bright light. A minimum of 3000 lumens is recommended for that movie-theatre quality at night.


 Add a video and audio source

Connect your DVD or BluRay player, a laptop or streaming devices to your projector using a HDMI cable. For a surround-sound experience, you can manually connect a speaker to your projector or use a wireless speaker which you can connect using Bluetooth.


Create a comfortable ambiance

Adding a tarpaulin to your lawn protects your guests from the moist earth and its rocky surface. Top it off with layers of blankets, cushions, and beanbags for a cozy effect. You can also add chairs, benches, and a hammock for your guests to relax on.


 Don’t forget your gastronomic treats

You can opt for simple movie theatre staples such as popcorn and soda placed in creative bowls or cups. Don’t forget to take a cooler with you when you’re planning to serve beers throughout the movie. You can also take out the grill and whip up some barbeque or steak for a more filling menu.







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