Jazz up Your Yard With The Perfect Outdoor Accessory


Fancy a backyard or a patio accessory that can amplify your outdoor aesthetic without sacrificing quality and performance? Imagine a serene yet breathtaking outdoor niche where you can hold romantic candlelit dinners or just a relaxing oneness with nature no matter the day and night, without overdoing your set-up. Behold the Outdoor Parasol with Light, a perfect mix of versatility and durability coupled with a classic yet functional design. 



Made with water and heat-resistant polyester, the canopy of the Outdoor Parasol with Light provides optimal protection against weather elements so you can lounge outdoors without having to worry about sun and rain exposure. 



With the Outdoor Parasol with Light’s rust-free steel frame, the design is proven to be durable without the heavy load. Only weighing 25.8 pounds, you don’t have to worry about moving it anywhere you desire. Plus its adjustable opening angle is a practical feature that gives you more options for your preferred setup and for easier storage. 



Make the most of the outdoors even at night with the Outdoor Parasol’s attached lighting. Whether it’s sharing conversations with your special someone over a glass of wine or just taking in the dreamy setting of the night sky peppered with stars and the pale blue moon, any simple activity can be made special with the romantic glow inspired by the Outdoor Parasol with Light. 

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