Larkwood Firepit


 With December setting in upon us, the cooler and colder temperatures are soon to be expected for the next coming months until February, and, although the bitter winter might seem quite unpleasant to some of us, it is never enough reason to put aside outdoor entertainment in exchange for indoor ones.

While sidewalk restaurants offer the comfort and luxury of portable heaters, still, nothing beats the homey and cozy feel of a crackling fire coming from a backyard fire pit to provide warmth, light, and the right ambiance for entertaining.

As rugged and rustic as they may sound – and I bet you, they are, fire pits are actually the perfect and most practical way of instilling and installing a permanent source of warmth for your backyard, and, while most people assume that they cost an arm and a leg, chimeneas are actually very efficient and cost-friendly.

If you’re in the lookout for the perfect fireplace to add to your outdoor expanse, the Larkwood Firepit might just be the perfect choice. While style and durability are valued assets for picking an outdoor hearth bowl, it is also important to keep in mind the size of the fire pit that you choose.

This classy and elegant hearth by Sunjoy provides you with the best of both worlds. Crafted from high-quality aluminum steel, it is powder-coated to resist moisture and corrosion, so your fireplace does not rust easily and stands strong for a couple more winters.

Its compact square shape creates more space for your deck or yard, minus other ornately shaped inglenooks that take up a lot of area and gives you less space for movement and recreation.

The intricate patterns surrounding this firepit perfectly complements the rugged and rustic steel material used to construct the Larkwood Firepit, this design creates a perfect marriage between graceful and elegant and being ruggedly handsome.

While firepits are cost-efficient sources of heat, warmth, and décor, it is important to invest in one that will last you a long time and is sturdy and durable enough to get you through winter, spring, summer, and fall.

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