Prepping Your Lawn for Autumn



Bidding adieu to the season of summer does not mean having to totally abandon proper lawn care and maintenance. Turf care experts highly recommend gardeners to continually care for their lawn even in the fall to ensure a thick, green, and healthy foliage during the spring season and to make your life much easier in the coming cold months. To help you in this challenging prospect, we've rounded up several tips to help you prep your lawn for the autumn " so that it blooms beautifully, come May.

Water & Fertilize Even in the Fall

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Although your garden is slowly transforming into a foliage of warm browns and reds, treat it as though it were a soldier going to war. Continuously watering and fertilizing the plants, grass, and vegetation on your lawn or garden will help it to gain enough sustenance for the harsh winter that is about to come. 

Mow, Mow, Mow Your Lawn

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Grass usually slows down in growth around the fall, nevertheless, continue to mow it each week as you normally would. Habitually mowing your lawn on a weekly basis will allow you to remove a fourth to a third of its blade. You can do this until the lawn is about 2-2.5 inches tall. Continuing to mow your lawn so that it is short but not scalped over the winter season will help to avoid snow mold during the spring. 

Aerate It

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Aerating your lawn is essential to establishing a well-maintained lawn. Aeration allows more air, water, and nutrients to enter into the grass' roots and will also help your lawn survive in the most extreme conditions such as winter or drought. 

Rake the Leaves

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Raking is no easy task, however, it is an essential part of maintenance if you want your lawn to get through winter and survive till spring. Removing fallen leaves from your lawn as soon as possible helps to avoid leaves from clumping together and forming a dense mat on the ground that could suffocate the grass and breed fungal diseases. 


These are just some of the tips to help you prep your lawn for the coldest season of the year, keep in mind that having a well-manicured lawn requires time, effort, and a huge amount of patience, so don't risk on ruining what you have worked so hard to achieve by neglecting lawn maintenance this autumn. 

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