Quick & Easy Party Ideas For Summer

The summer season calls for a celebration. You can enjoy more versatility with your outdoor space ready for use, and with the warmer weather that goes perfectly with outdoor parties, you and your guests can enjoy a fuss-free shindig from day to night. We list a few ideas on how you can host an awesome party to give you and your guests the kind of summer you will never forget.

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Garden-themed Party

Whether you choose to hold your party indoors our outdoors, create a garden-inspired vibe by adding simple terrariums such as ferns and flowers as table centerpieces. Go for a simple menu using fresh, farm-to-market ingredients for easy to make dishes such as salads, tea sandwiches, and meat-and-cheese platters.

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 Oasis-Inspired Theme

Go tropical this summer by transforming your backyard into an oasis. Use a low table where your guests can gather around and prop up some colorful pillows in vibrant shades such as blues, pinks, greens, and oranges. Use a palm frond as placemats and use tropical flowers such as orchids and lilies to adorn your table setting and include candles that will take your shindig from day to night. Appetizers such as tomato salad, veggies with dips, fruit and prosciutto accompanied with ice-cold drinks are perfect for topping off that tropical soiree.

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 Backyard Buffet

Create a whimsical start to summer by organizing a pastel-themed, country-style buffet featuring a light menu of salad and appetizers made with only the freshest farm ingredients. Adorn your table setting with flowers such as peonies, roses, and carnations in pinks and whites, and add candles. Serve home baked goods such as apple pie, shortbread cookies, and muffins for your guests.

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 Seafood Fest

Incorporate a tropical-inspired aesthetic and accentuate it with decors that add a beachy vibe to your setup by using dinnerware in shell-shaped containers, or cups with fun sea-inspired designs. A seafood themed party won’t be complete without seafood dishes. Simple dishes such as honey-glazed salmon, roasted shrimp, and pan-seared grouper with balsamic sauce are just some of the quick, easy to make seafood recipes you can go for.



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