Sunjoy’s Range of Replacement Parts for Your Gazebo

Sunjoy offers you assurance to replacing your faulty parts in your Sunjoy product. Each Sunjoy replacement part is carefully and intricately designed and manufactured with precision to ensure the perfect fit for your furniture. As one of the largest one-stop-shop, Sunjoy offers a diverse collection of replacement parts including metal frames, beams, metallic poles, down to stakes, bolts and washers.

Sunjoy constantly pursues quality and durability in our replacement parts to ensure that your outdoor furniture will be standing strong and sturdy for many, many years to come. As daunting as it might seem, our replacement parts are designed to easily click or slide in place so that assembly can be a breeze. Our metallic parts are coated with rust-inhibiting paint that protects it against any surface oxidation. Easy to maintain, users can remove any unwanted dirt or stains by cleaning it with a damp cloth.

What replacement parts do I need?

  • Netting: Designed to protect your family and guests from nasty insect bites during the evening. The mesh design prevents bugs from getting in, while you can still enjoy the outdoor breeze and tranquil views.
  • Side panels: Keep the sun, wind or rain at bay with the right side panels for your gazebo. These panels will provide much needed privacy and improve the overall outdoor experience.
  • Curtains: The perfect shade from the sun. Curtains that look incredible, you can roll these open for a beautiful feature or close them when the sun’s in your way.
  • Replacement canopies: Shade your guests with a stylish and modern canopy built to last.

Browse our replacement parts online

If you have a gazebo that needs reworking, browse our current collection of curtains, netting, gazebo walls and more. If you have any questions about delivery or products, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team. We also offer a warranty on all our parts, so you can have peace of mind in your purchase.


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