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Replacement Side Panels for Your Gazebo

The side panel, or gazebo wall, is the finishing touch to any gazebo design, offering protection and security to any outdoor set up. Whether a small gazebo for relaxing in the backyard, or a fitted-out canopy perfect for a special celebration, Sunjoy has selected a wide range so you can find one suited to your preference. Our replacement side panels are great for that extra piece of security pre-event. 

Spacious gazebos fit for any outdoor event

Sunjoy’s wall is long piece of cloth panel that covers a large area of your gazebo. The wall fabric uses fire retardant materials and provides privacy and protection against UV rays and chilly weather. The fabric attaches to your Gazebo neatly using snap on rings and loops that allows you to slide the wall whenever you need.

As a product designed for special occasions, you want to ensure you’re getting value for money, especially for a one-off event. This is why Sunjoy Group’s range of gazebo parts are designed with durability in mind, staying in place no matter the weather. We have a range of parts available, including curtains, canopies and our side panels, designed to keep your gazebo in sturdy condition wherever it’s placed. 

Ensure longevity and durability in your parts

Discover just how beautiful your outdoor even can be with Sunjoy’s original range of gazebo walls. Even on the nicest days, a gust of wind or a small trip could leave your set up collapsing. With these side panels, you’re ensuring they stay in place.

Browse our current range of walls that will perfect complement any occasion. If you have any queries about our product range or delivery options, be sure to chat with the friendly team. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have. 


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