Tips For Revamping Your Backyard For Spring

As spring brings to life a burst of color and mood-boosting sunshine and blooms, it’s high time for the spotlight to turn to your backyard. Primping it for the spring season means getting your garden in shape and turning your patio into an extension of your living room by taking out the outdoor furniture from months of storage and adding interesting elements that capture the essence of spring.

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Clean and tame your garden

Clear away any dead plant or fallen branches accumulated over the past few months to give way to a fresh start of the sunny season. Adding organic materials to your soil such as compost and manure can bring back the soil’s moisture which was stripped over the winter months. Lilacs, tulips, snapdragons, tomatoes, and other perennials are just some of the recommended plants for the season. Using a hedge trimmer will help maintain the neat and compact appearance of the trees and shrubs in your garden.

Update your outdoor furnishing 

Spring season means spending more time outside the four walls of your house. Make it a cozy and chic outdoor entertaining area by adding stylish outdoor furniture pieces made of weather-resistant materials you can use no matter the weather. Redefine staycation by turning your backyard into a relaxing niche by adding a gazebo where you can chill and dine under the shade, or a pergola where you can choose to gaze under the stars and enjoy the night breeze. If you’re looking to reuse your outdoor furniture, make sure it’s thoroughly cleaned and check for any loose bolts or parts to be replaced before use. You can check out our wide variety of selections from canopies and pergolas to dining sets and fire pits available here

Step up your design by adding accessories

Bored with last year’s set-up but not keen on buying new furniture? Accessories are your new best friends. Aside from rearranging the placement of your furniture, adding accessories serve as a quick pick-me-up to any drab setting. Huddle and entertain your guests in comfort and style by installing a fire pit for your very own outdoor heating, or set-up an outdoor barbecue for gatherings and parties.

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Clear up and organize the shed

The arrival of spring means it’s the best time to do some major overhaul and cleaning after the debris left by the winter outbreak. Sweep and dust off all those cobwebs and add space to your toolshed by getting rid of any items that won’t be of use anymore. There are numerous storage solutions available such as baskets, boxes, cupboards, storage cabinets, and hooks where storing all your equipment and tools will come in handy.


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