Transform Your Home Into A Staycation Paradise


How to Build Your Simple Staycation Corner: 3 Staycation Themes to Try!

While most people want to go out to a resort or a hotel to experience a relaxing and luxurious staycation, there is actually a way to have the same experience minus the distance and expensive accommodation. You can recreate the experience through learning how to build your own staycation corner.

  • Start with the Basics

The essence of building a small staycation corner is to capture the experience of a vacation. If you want to learn how to build your own staycation corner, you need to master the basics such as transforming your patio, lawn, or gazebo into an exquisite staycation space.

You can decorate these areas with beautiful outdoor seatings or bistro sets. Outdoor couches are popular for people who love to bask under the sun or chill and relax under the stars. Aside from sofas or lounge chairs, add some featured lawn art or sculptures to create your ideal relaxing ambiance.

  • Add some Street Lights

If you are looking for a nice night time ambiance, then some small outdoor lamps will be great. Solar powered lights are also excellent because they are environment-friendly. If you want to secure warmth during the cold season, an outdoor fireplace is a top choice.

  • Put Up Some Shade

To add a finishing touch, adding a gazebo as a shade will be awesome. Imagine dining under the stars with a beautiful gazebo. This is perfect for entertaining guests and preparing a spot where everyone can hang out and enjoy. Have fun with exquisite gazebos studded with beautiful accessories like windows, netting, or glass bar shelves that transform your place into an ultimate haven.

Staycation Theme Ideas to Try

Just to get your creative juice running, here are a few staycation ideas that you can try:

1. Beach Theme

Beach-themed patios include a cabana style gazebo. Usually, these styles would be great if you have a swimming pool or if you live near the beach. Pillows that have beach designs or seashells are magnificent. Beach chairs and tables also add to the whole charm of the environment. To top it off, you can even add an outdoor fire pit.

2. Venetian Theme

If you want a classy-looking staycation corner, the Venetian theme is the way to go. Quaint vintage tables and chairs complement well with the Venetian vibe. A dark colored gazebo with windows or a glass railing will also look good with this theme. Finally, a nice outdoor lamp post can be used to add a bit of character.

3. Zen Theme

If you're into new age and nature, then the Zen theme is good for you. Outdoor sofas with a low-legged table are added to a light colored gazebo with curtains attached to it. An outdoor fountain or Buddha stone statue also adds to the ambiance. You can also add a fountain nearby to recreate the sound of water in a Zen garden.

These are some tips on how you can save and build your own staycation corner without having to visit faraway places. Unleash your creativity and imagination, where skies are the only limit. Mix and match various pieces of furniture and achieve your dream staycation corner in no time. Are you ready to revitalise your backyard by turning it into a staycation corner? Click here for our extensive list of Sunjoy Original Replacment Parts.  

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