Turn Your Summer Days into a Fun Fiesta


This summer turn your days into a fun fiesta by enjoying pleasurable conversations with family and friends outdoors as you sip on a cold glass of margarita and some colorful platter of chimichangas while you lazily watch the world around you go by.  

If you’re looking to create an idyllic outdoor seating cove that is perfect for entertaining guests or simply lounging about outdoors, the Candida Bistro is the perfect bistro set for you. With its elegant and simplistic design, this 2-seater piece will add a dash of beauty and grace to your patio or deck while providing comfort and practicality.

This 3-piece outdoor seating set features sweeping modern lines, simple, but sophisticated, details and a sturdy aluminum construction. At the center of the set is a small stylish table with a charming, slightly bowed legs with a glass countertop.

The two chair sets are created to look that as chic as they are comfortable. Covered in breathable polyester fabric, the ergonomically designed chairs ensure cool comfort, even during the sweltering summer months while remaining tough enough to withstand rain or sun.

With the neutral gray shade of the Candida Bistro, this classy set makes it a perfect fit for a wide variety of outdoor décor styles. With this seating area’s easy structure and a great sense of style, all you will ever need to complete your perfect afternoon or evening outdoor affair is to add some cold drinks and fun friends! 

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