Wine and Dine With Style in the Comfort of Your Own Backyard

After the sleepy and dreary days of being enclosed indoors during the winter months, nothing is more exciting than the thought of delightful sunshine ushered in by spring. The vibrant sights of beautiful blooms and the bountiful awakening of life around you make it the best time to go out and indulge your senses in nature’s delights.

Accessorizing your outdoor area and furnishing it with intricately and meticulously designed furniture pieces is one way of enjoying the outdoors in comfort with the added panache. The Regency 7-Piece Dining Set is the perfect dining set to take your patio from blah to awesome real quick.

The Regency 7-Piece Dining Set is designed to bring style and function together and manifest it through its intricate and sophisticated lattice design made with durable aluminum. Each of the arm chairs features a lightly curved arm rest that makes it comfortable enough for relaxing.  The set also contains two swivel chairs to add variety to your seating preference. The curved corners of the tabletop makes it safe for children, and in the center of the table is a hole where you can insert a patio umbrella for protection against heat or drizzle.

The posh look of the seats’ upholstery lends an urban and modern vibe to the rustic aesthetic of the Regency 7-Piece Chat Set, giving it a versatile quality suited for every decorative theme you’re opting for. Comfortable and easy to clean, the warm-colored cream cushions are removable and has a strap which you can fasten to hold it securely in place.

Now you can hang out at your backyard while enjoying conversations over gastronomic delights or just intimate gatherings at the comfort of your home not only during the sunny months of spring and summer, but all-year round with the Regency 7-Piece Chat Set’s weather-resistant material.

Recreate your outdoor living space and make it a cozy extension of your interior by adding versatile and comfortable pieces such as the Regency 7-Piece Dining Set and a wide variety of outdoor furniture pieces you can choose from, perfect for enjoying a relaxing moment or for entertaining outdoor parties. 

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